People who are involved in SEO know the complexity and uncertainty of the industry. That’s why there are so many companies out there who are there to help you when it comes to your business SEO. Sometimes, it is just easier to hire a person to help you, so if this is something that you are interested in then you might want to check out a website like to help you improve your ranking with Google. Google does constant updates to its algorithm and moreover keeping pace with the Google’s 200 ranking factors is not an easy task. But SEO is becoming a more popular thing to be used in businesses. It’s a successful way to make sure that a business can thrive. There are loads of different types of business that use SEO, for example, businesses can look into marijuanaseo if their business specialises in marijuana. SEO can clearly work for a lot of different businesses. These businesses can vary a lot. So it’s not just marijuana business that benefit from it. For example, you could be wanting to create a dental website, and you might have used someone like this Dental website design company to help you improve your website. These types of companies are great because they can help you with the seo side of things

Quality contents remain to be the highest focus in 2018’s SEO. Apart from the content, there are few more things which keep changing with the evolution of technology. Let’s have a look at those changes in SEO for 2018.

Mobile First Index

According to a study, 60% of the web searches are being surfed from the mobile internet. This shows that there is a drastic shift of the users from desktop to mobile. Keeping this in view, Google has decided to roll the mobile first index update.

Google has officially announced mobile-first indexing in 2016. Now, this update is going to bring a massive change in the ways the websites are going to be indexed.

Link Building

This is the least affected part of Google’s 2018 SEO update. A good quality acts a great source to boost the rankings of your website and it also informs Google that your website provides great value to your readers.

Link earning should be the primary focus for the webmasters in 2018. When you provide an engaging content and answer the user’s queries, people will organically link to you.

Keyword Selection and High-Quality Content

When you create a content with search engines and users in mind, then you are titled to earn better rankings. This would be the only way to increase your organic hits. Also, choosing smart keywords would make the search engine crawlers to index your website fast.

To gain better rankings in 2018, take a holistic approach and we are sure that you will see fruitful results.

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