Nov 09

The Right Kind Of Glass Deck Railing Systems To Choose

If you are a deck owner, you are probably familiar with the complications that can arise due to the vast choice of cable railing components. Choices are wonderful but owners can become overwhelmed when deciding which components will fit their needs. If this is the case, glass deck railing systems may be a better fit for you. Glass railings offer the following advantages:

– A less demanding choice
They do not demand too much maintenance and time.

– High durability
They are very long lasting unless someone deliberately or accidentally breaks them. Also, glass is highly resistant to corrosion.

– Views without hindrance
Glass tends to preserve the scenery so you can enjoy uninterrupted outside views.

– Aesthetic appeal
Even if they are cheap, they add a luxurious and elegant appeal to a patio or a balcony.

– Child and pet friendly
Glass railings are all one panel which means that there are no gaps or spaces from which small pets and kids may slip and fall or get their hands and paws trapped when trying to play.

Basically, there are two kinds of glass railings that you can pick from:

– Framed glass railings for decks
These include clear sandblast panels that are held in place with metal or wooden frames. These are great from the safety perspective and can be installed easily on wooden or concrete surfaces. Also, these panels can be used for staircases and raised platforms.

– Frameless railings
You can also go for glass panels that are borderless. These let you make the most out of the outside views. Frameless railings are ideal for rooftop lounges, terraces and balconies. You can also get them customized with etching or interestingly designed patterns.

Glass is trendy:

When it comes to accessorizing your deck, glass is one of the trendiest materials to pick at present. Their look and functionality has made them quite a hit with deck owners. Now that you know why glass deck railing is gaining immense popularity, get yours prepared today itself!

Worried that glass railings don’t offer enough privacy? Glass panels can be customized in multiple ways. For those who want more privacy, all glass panels can be frosted creating a smoky, opaque look. Whatever look you want to achieve, it can be done!


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