Nov 18

How to Stop Nuisance Animals From Getting Under Your Deck

When you live close to wooded or forested areas, especially those with large bodies of water nearby, you are sure to run into some wildlife problems here and there. Wild animals such as raccoons, squirrels, moles, groundhogs, skunks, and opossum are common nuisances for property owners in these areas. That is because they can cause a lot of problems, including health and safety concerns and costly structural damages.

They have claws, paws, and snouts that allow them to pry open siding and tear off roof shingles, and even dig their way into places, like under decks and porches. If you are concerned that there are wild animals getting under your deck, you will be glad to learn that there is a way to keep them out. Continue reading to find out how!

Signs of Animals Under the Deck

You will be able to tell if there is an animal living underneath your deck or porch by looking for some distinctive signs of animal activity and presence. One of the most common signs that suggest there is an animal accessing the area below your deck are holes.

If you see small holes in the ground next to your porch or deck, it could be an indication that something has dug into the ground and possibly tunneled beneath your deck. Another common sign comes from dogs. If your dog seems to take up a sudden, amplified interest in a certain area of the deck, it could mean they smell an animal. Be on the lookout for additional signs as well, including:

– Animal droppings
– Lingering Odors
– Food scraps
– Strange noises or nighttime sounds
– Pried or missing patio boards
– Dark or Moist Stains

Animal Proofing a Deck

All you need in order to keep wild animals from digging under your deck is some galvanized wire mesh, some helping hands, and a few other tools. Measure the exposed sides of your deck and purchase the necessary number of wire mesh rolls to cover the length of each side. Stick with 2 feet wide mesh rolls. You then need to dig up the sides of the deck to expose the foundation, and then attach the wire mesh against the ground and the exposed foundation of the home or deck structure.

Once secured using the proper materials suggested by your home improvement salesman, simply replace the dirt, remedy the landscaping, and your deck is protected! The next time an animal tries to dig beneath, they will reach impenetrable mesh wire and turn around.

Last, contact a licensed wildlife removal company for safe and humane wild animal control services you can afford. They have the proper knowledge, tools, and experience to animal proof your home and provide a wide range of wildlife control for a fair price.


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