Nov 08

Camping Hammock – A Must Have in Your Camping Gear

Earlier hammock was made from the bark of Hamak tree and that is where it got its name. Later on cotton has been used in the making of hammocks. In earlier days hammock making was one of the ways of earning money and even now it is one of the main sources of income to many families. Well that is not important to know because there are other things that one needs to know about the hammocks and why they are so important in camping. There are various health benefits that one can enjoy apart from the fun factors. The below listed benefits will help you swap from your bed to a hammock:

– The first and foremost benefit is it helps you fall asleep faster.
– Also the sleep will be deep and peaceful.
– Due to proper sleep you will be able to concentrate more on your daily activities.
– It also alleviates your back pain.
– It is also the best way to cure insomnia.
– It helps in proper flow of blood and getting optimal blood pressure.
– It also helps in maximum air circulation during hot summer days.
– It offers you a right sleeping position which helps you maintain right body posture.

With the above mentioned health benefits, there are other fun and interesting factors that a hammock offers and they are simply amazing to enjoy. If you look on the other side of the hammock and its uses then you will find. The added benefits of carrying hammock to camping are:

– They are light weight and easy to carry.
– They are the best alternative to bed and will help you enjoy your sleep.
– Perfect for excursion, trekking, mountaineering, etc.
– Perfect for taking a snooze in the middle of the forest.
– Wake up seeing the sky in the morning and stare at the stars late night.
– Perfect for having those long talks with your loved ones in a double hammock.
– Away from all the worries of searching for a room to stay while you are out for adventure sports.
– Apart from camping, they can be also used for an impromptu night out at your backyard and enjoy the night sky with a glass of wine.

However hammock should be made up of fibers other than cotton for outdoor activities and for indoor uses cotton hammocks are also considered. You will also get various designs and styles of hammock that are used for different locations. If you are going for an outing near a beach then you can take a floral or light shaded hammock, in the woods you can have some solid, bold colored hammock, etc. Also there are other types of hammocks that can be used such as tree hammock, hammock tent, double hammock, etc.


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