Oct 31

Basic Designs To Look For When Buying Ornamental Aluminum Deck Railing

Aluminum railing systems for decks are a great way to add personality and support to the very structure of your deck. That is the reason you should choose good quality railings from reliable dealers. In case you are more inclined towards ornamental aluminum deck railing, then choosing between different designs can be difficult as two similar types can easily put you in a quandary. In order to avoid that and save time, it is a good idea to know the basic types of designs that would be ideal for your deck.

Railings with slight curves:
Straight, linear aluminum railings are too mainstream. So, if you are open to go a little experimental, slightly curved designs should be a good idea. The curves are usually bulging outwards with the thin rods turning in beautiful patterns.

Textured designs:
Another option is to go with the regular frames but choosing the structures that have imposing or intricate textures on the rods, giving an overall dimension of interest to the whole thing.

Twisted balusters with wide end columns:
These look quite neat because of the harmonious way in which the twists meet the regular columns. Every rod individually made to look like a braid or a simple twist. When they all run in series, the effect is hugely appealing. And the thick columns holding the entire structure together gives a more defining structure to the whole frame.

Colonial style railings:
With many circular aluminum patterns and details, these are designed with adventurous open drapes and stylized infills that would instantly make you feel nostalgic.

Designs inspired by art deco:
The tops of the end columns in these designs are rounded and the rod patterns are directly reminiscent of the art deco theme. To add to the dramatic effect, you get the railings painted in shades of the wood.

Artistic posts with double knuckle collars:
Instead of the straight, one go middle rods, these railings would have the jointed versions, with the joints highly stylized or simply made prominent. The parallel columns may or may not have additional details but the overall look of the railings is quite interesting.

A combination of double knuckles and twists:
You could get the railings look more interesting if you choose a design that combines two or more different varieties like the double knuckled and twisted rods together. The two kinds of rods could be placed alternatively or in repeating sets to form a decorative pattern.


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